Things happen

After waking up in the morning Silverback meets Crokus outside his door. Crokus shows him a skull with the symbol of Korinthiss, which he claims he found in the vault of the city’s lord. Crokus then smells food and races Silverback to the food, breaking a few things in the process. The group then heads out to find the Meadow. On the way they encounter the Bridge of Death where they answered three questions. Those flung into the foggy abyss were granted visions of possible futures.

After reaching the meadow they discover that it was burned to the ground and the Holy Guardian was corrupted by evil. They learn that a dark power sleeps and is causing destruction. They find some of the key items they were looking for and find the cave holding the second item they needed.

In the cave they find a giant slug causing the water to become toxic. After slaying the beast they collect it’s foul ichor. Then proceed to head to the Meadow to rest for the night. At the meadow everyone is granted a visit by strange dreams. Upon waking up they notice the same Aurora they witnessed above the mountain on the journey to Terebon.

Back in town they meet a delightful halfling Cleric by the name of Victarian. He joins the party after some conversing with Happy and the Party.

Arrival in Terebon

Accompanied by Bartrund and his crew the party set forth towards the mountains. On the way they encounter the rotting corpses left behind by Silverback’s bandit slaying. On Oroto’s insistance Bartrund commanded his men to dig graves for the dead bandits to give them peace. Bear who was sleeping near the road was accosted by Crokus until Bear joined the party. Part way through their journey the party was ambushed by a large group of bugbears. After Oroto cast a fireball and hurt the horse, the horse dashed off, slapping Silverback with one of it’s appendages. Upon making it to Terebon, Crokus skampers off into the city and the rest of the party find lodging at the The Tallest Dwarf Inn. Oroto finds the city’s archives and finds out more about the history of the world. In the inn they encounter a most impossible sight, a bullette by the name of Happy is there, huge as can be. After some conversing they go to sleep and prepare for the next day

In the city he slept...she watched

Silverback and Crokus reached the formal capital of Dar’Osis after a series of bizarre encounters. The first of which they were attacked by the remaining stooge bandits numbering three, not four. Silverback slayed two of the remaining three bandits leaving their bodies in the road. Upon reaching the city they are met by the guards who tell them that a man by the name of Oroto wanted to meet with them at the Red Dragon Inn. Upon reaching the Red Dragon Inn Silverback and Crokus talk to Oroto; however, displeased by the inn keeper’s attitude, Silverback leaves to find a new inn. Silverback finds one, but unfortunately for him it is owned by none other than Ruth. She gives him a special discount on a particular room. The next day Silverback and Crokus meet with Count Remulund in order to discuss the reward for finding out what happened to the missing villagers. He rewards them with a magic dagger, which Silverback gives to Crokus. Selling ensues, and after some minor conflict Oroto joins the party. Finally the group visits the home of the little boy and finds out that the people of the slums worship a dead god who sounds eerily close to the monster lady encountered by Silverback.

One Small Trip Through the Woods

The group set off towards Dar’ba in hopes to return the Little Boy to his mother. Partway through their journey they encountered a rowdy Half-Orc by the name of Bear. After a well placed grapefruit skidded off the head of Bear, he flew into a rage charging in the direction of the one who accosted him; however a hidden net by Crokus trapped Bear and kept him from doing any damage. A lost boy and a rabbit later, the group split apart. Nazerin went back to Silverback’s village, and the rest moved on towards Dar’ba in search of the boy. A strange presence in Silverback’s head led them to an Altar to the Unknown God. Nearly sacrificed upon said Altar a bold twist happens. The boy appears from the woods and turns into a female with wings and horns. Bear attempts to bisect this seemingly evil lady and fails to damage her. She escapes into thin air, but not before speaking into the mind of Silverback, “This isnt over, I will have you yet!”

Uglito Reborn

Silverback, Nazerin, and Crokus dove into the depths of the Tomb of Walter Goodwell on the outskirts of Silverback’s hometown. They encountered a Cleric of the Lost who was trying to resurrect the Noble King and the evil lord, Uglito. They managed to halt the ceremony and return the missing villagers back home.


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