Arrival in Terebon

Accompanied by Bartrund and his crew the party set forth towards the mountains. On the way they encounter the rotting corpses left behind by Silverback’s bandit slaying. On Oroto’s insistance Bartrund commanded his men to dig graves for the dead bandits to give them peace. Bear who was sleeping near the road was accosted by Crokus until Bear joined the party. Part way through their journey the party was ambushed by a large group of bugbears. After Oroto cast a fireball and hurt the horse, the horse dashed off, slapping Silverback with one of it’s appendages. Upon making it to Terebon, Crokus skampers off into the city and the rest of the party find lodging at the The Tallest Dwarf Inn. Oroto finds the city’s archives and finds out more about the history of the world. In the inn they encounter a most impossible sight, a bullette by the name of Happy is there, huge as can be. After some conversing they go to sleep and prepare for the next day



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