In the city he slept...she watched

Silverback and Crokus reached the formal capital of Dar’Osis after a series of bizarre encounters. The first of which they were attacked by the remaining stooge bandits numbering three, not four. Silverback slayed two of the remaining three bandits leaving their bodies in the road. Upon reaching the city they are met by the guards who tell them that a man by the name of Oroto wanted to meet with them at the Red Dragon Inn. Upon reaching the Red Dragon Inn Silverback and Crokus talk to Oroto; however, displeased by the inn keeper’s attitude, Silverback leaves to find a new inn. Silverback finds one, but unfortunately for him it is owned by none other than Ruth. She gives him a special discount on a particular room. The next day Silverback and Crokus meet with Count Remulund in order to discuss the reward for finding out what happened to the missing villagers. He rewards them with a magic dagger, which Silverback gives to Crokus. Selling ensues, and after some minor conflict Oroto joins the party. Finally the group visits the home of the little boy and finds out that the people of the slums worship a dead god who sounds eerily close to the monster lady encountered by Silverback.



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