Things happen

After waking up in the morning Silverback meets Crokus outside his door. Crokus shows him a skull with the symbol of Korinthiss, which he claims he found in the vault of the city’s lord. Crokus then smells food and races Silverback to the food, breaking a few things in the process. The group then heads out to find the Meadow. On the way they encounter the Bridge of Death where they answered three questions. Those flung into the foggy abyss were granted visions of possible futures.

After reaching the meadow they discover that it was burned to the ground and the Holy Guardian was corrupted by evil. They learn that a dark power sleeps and is causing destruction. They find some of the key items they were looking for and find the cave holding the second item they needed.

In the cave they find a giant slug causing the water to become toxic. After slaying the beast they collect it’s foul ichor. Then proceed to head to the Meadow to rest for the night. At the meadow everyone is granted a visit by strange dreams. Upon waking up they notice the same Aurora they witnessed above the mountain on the journey to Terebon.

Back in town they meet a delightful halfling Cleric by the name of Victarian. He joins the party after some conversing with Happy and the Party.



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