Barbarian Drunken Master


Age: Nineteen
Height: Six feet Four inches
Weight: Eighteen Stone
Beauty Score!: Fourteen
HP: Fifty Six
AC: Twenty
Intimidate: Eleven


A hard working farmer from the mountains of Sweden. One day Traders stopped by the farm where Bear worked. Seeing him they instantly became hostile towards Bear and the family who had taken pity to hire him. They trapped Bear and slaughtered the family as sympathizers. They hauled Bear along towards the City to kill him off for fun, as they stopped for the night, Rage overtook Bear. He broke free and began to slaughter the traders; using his only weapon, his fists, he enacted his vengeance for the murders of the family who had helped him. With his Rage continuing to fuel him, Bear decided that vengeance needed to be brought forth for all those who killed mercilessly and needlessly.


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