Fighter: Archer Specialization


Age: Twenty Three
Height: Six feet Six inches
Weight: Seventeen Stone
Beauty Score!: Seventeen
HP: Ninty Three
AC: Twenty Four
Perception: Twelve
Dungeoneering: Six
Engineering: Four
Survival: Five
Climb: Seven
Swim: Seven


Silverback‘s Mother was a young woman named Morgan. Morgan had fallen in love with traveling a mercenary by the name Uglito. In the Winter of the Year of the Catacombs a mercenary group took up residence in Dar’moor. Shortly after his arrival in town Uglito had swept Morgan off her feet. Their love was a one sided thing as Uglito vanished the day after receiving the news of Morgan‘s pregnancy. Morgan’s grief was so great that the entire village spent weeks helping her search for Uglito.

The little they were able to discover was entirely mystifying. Not a soul in town could seem to remember the last time they had seen Uglito. As it was now early spring the road into town had seen many travelers that day, yet none of them had seen the extremely distinctive Uglito. After an extensive search around town for clues to this unsettling mystery not a single trace of Uglito’s three month residence could be found. Finally the other members of the mercenary group were questioned by the frightened villagers and it was revealed that Uglito was a relative stranger to the group. Uglito had joined the band days before reaching the border of DarOsis and the group leader was unable to remember anything specific about the man.

Morgan, heartbroken by the apparent uncanny abandonment of her true love died in childbirth. With his mother dead and his father long gone the boy fell into the care of his maternal grandfather the Mayor of Dar’moor. Silverback’s Gramps saw no reason to give the boy a name. So he grew up in the small border town, with the superstitious villagers never truly forgetting the circumstances of his birth. Being young, small & unwatched he often found himself the target of older boys.

As he approached adulthood he started feeling an indescribable urge to head out into the world. he didn’t know what he was looking for, he did know that he would make his own name.


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